Praise & Worship Ministry



  • Worship Team that are fully committed to the Lord and that could effectively lead the whole congregation to the throne room of God during Sunday worship services; prayer meetings; and other church activities or occasions
  • To lead the congregation to an awesome experience in the presence of the Holy Spirit, thereby giving them an enthusiasm to look forward to attending the next worship service



  • Any bona fide member of Jesus Reigns International aged 8 and above, can join the Praise and Worship team regardless of gender, ethnic origin, marital status, and educational background.
  • Must understand his/her special calling from God as a genuine worshipper [see John 4:23-24] and the command of God to live in holiness [see Leviticus 11:44; 1 Peter 1:14-16].
  • Must have been set free from any vice such as drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes or cigars, engaged in any form of gambling, and the like.
  • Must be a born-again Christian in words and in deeds as manifested by his/her changed life, attitude and character [e.g. respect and obedience to parents and to authorities, love for music and movies that give glory to God, and avoiding any form of worldliness].
  • Must show an ardent love for God and His Word coupled with a prayerful life and a grateful heart that praises and worships God in spirit and in truth. Music talent and having a good voice are just secondary although they are useful.
  • Must be consistent in his/her attendance to Bible Study, Prayer Meetings, Discipleship, and during Sunday Worship services.
  • Must have great compassion to the lost souls and believes that they could be touched, ministered to and be won over to the Lord through our praise and worship service.
  • For adult members, must be a leader of at least one Bible Study Group. This can be waived for the first year of membership as long as the candidate is showing an earnest desire and is exerting effort to establish his/her own Bible Study Group.
  • For the youth and younger members, must be a leader or an active member of a Youth Bible Study Group and Prayer Group.
  • Worship Leaders and backup singers are playing a vital role in leading the whole congregation in singing songs to God by using their voices. Those with the desire to be Worship Leaders and backup singers must pass through an audition to be administered by the Board of Elders.