The G12 Strategy

For years we have placed a high value on intercession, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, church growth, evangelism, missions, training and mobilization. All these things are central to the vision. All these aspects can only be effectively expressed through cells. This is because dynamic life of the church takes place in the cells.


The vision of our church and for most churches has always been for mobilization. Our ministry is all about winning, equipping and releasing the body of Christ into ministry. The church is called to the service of Jesus - not full time ministers! There can be no doubt that we are set for explosive growth as we move forward in this vision.


The key to the success of this vision is not just the strategy but the values that hold it. We cannot think that we will be successful simply by adopting the Bogota strategy. We must rise to the challenge spiritually, take on new levels of the  anointing and, above all, embrace all the values that lie behind it.


1.  The is a vision for discipleship

Jesus said, "Make disciples" (See Matthew 28:19-20). He did not just tell us to evangelize or to get decisions. People who accept the gospel and believe must be discipled. They must be taught, shaped and formed into the image of Jesus. We are still far short of full obedience in this respect. Many people who make decisions to become Christians in our network are never truly discipled in the paths of Christ.
This must change, and we must all place full obedience to Jesus' command on the
highest level of our agenda as people and as a church.
2.  The G12 is a cell vision

Cells are small groups of people who meet together weekly in order to disciple each other and reach out to those who don't know Christ. We must learn to love the cells. They are where the blessing of growth takes place. Cells are the only way of fulfilling the New Testament mandate we have as believers to be disciples and to disciple others. That's where we receive our personal ministry and where we find and fulfill our ministry in the body of Christ.


3.  The G12 is a vision for leadership


The name G12 stands for 'Groups of 12' which  emphasizes the leadership development aspect of the vision. Every Christian is a potential leader. We are all called to serve Jesus and to lead others to Him. Those who are leading cells are discipled in groups of 12 (like the 12 disciples of Jesus). Therefore everyone who ministers is also ministered to in this vision. That means there is proper accountability in all things.


4.  The G12 is a vision for multiplication


This is one of the most exciting aspects of the vision. Jesus' purpose for you is fruitfulness. He wants you to be successful in your life. He calls you to 'to be fruitful and multiply'. The growth that comes through the G12 vision is not through transferring members from the other churches. It comes through the cells as the members reach out to their family, neighbors and friends. This means everyone must develop a passion for the lost and reach them uncompromisingly for Christ.


5.  The G12 is a vision for the glory of God


Something wonderful happens when God's people are mobilized. The 'super star syndrome' disappears and the work is done all. The real heroes in this vision are the members of the church not a handful of its super-anointed leaders. That way God can really get the glory. Signs, wonders, miracles and mighty deeds happen throughout the whole church and everyone has a part to play.


As you can see the vision is a comprehensive one. And it will take some time before we fully implement it. There will be new initiatives and creative innovation in every area of our church and personal lives. It will bring unrecognizable transformation to the way we think about church fellowship and to the way we do things.