The Ladder of Success

Success is a very positive word in today's world. Everyone is seeking success. But what does it really mean for a believer? What is success in the eyes of Jesus? As far as Jesus is concerned, there is only one criterion by which we may judge  success. All that He has told us to do can be summarized by His final words to the disciples: "Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to do everything I have commanded you" (See Matthew 28:18-20).


Your life will be judged successful only in so far as you have fulfilled this commission of Jesus. It means making and maturing disciples into the character and image of Jesus. The vision is a practical means by which we can all obey the call of our Master and be a success. Success must mean that your vision, goals and purpose in life are fulfilled. But personal fulfillment depends on your fulfilling the call of God on your life - making, maturing and mobilizing disciples of Jesus Christ.


There are four stages in obeying the Great Commission. Each one is necessary for full obedience. They are to Win, Consolidate, Disciple and Send.



New believers are added to the church through personal friendship evangelism, the celebrations and the net meetings. At the end of each of the services, the leader takes the whole congregation through the sinners' prayer and invites those who have made a first time commitment to come to the front. The counseling team, which is made up of cell group leaders, joins the new believers. The new believers are then taken to a separate room and the process of consolidation begins.



At this point personal details are recorded and the gospel is shared again to ensure the new believers understand what has happened to them. They are then told that someone will call them within two days to find out how they are. The responsibility of the cell leader is to ensure that the new believer is called within 48 hours and receives a personal visit within a week.

The consolidation process continues through a series of one-to-one Bible studies and through a special encounter weekend. This encounter retreat focuses upon giving the new believer an experience of Jesus. The weekend covers such areas as assurance of salvation, inner healing, deliverance, being filled with the Spirit, and the vision of the church. Once the consolidation process is completed the new believer is ready to enter the next stage of development.



The aim is to enable every new believer to become a leader of a new cell. Therefore when each disciple has completed the consolidation process they enter the School of Leaders. The School of Leaders involves training one night a week for about 9 months. About half way through the School of Leaders the students start to open their own cell groups.


Each person on the school of leaders launches a new cell group. The leader of the  new cell continues to receive support, help and instruction from their original cell. As each of the members of the original cell starts their cells the original cell becomes a group. The group is therefore a leadership cell. Multiplication occurs! The 12 grow to 144 leaders each with their own cell.



When each of the original leader's 12 have grown their 12 the next step is for these to begin to form teams to lead Encounter weekends and for them to develop their own School of Leaders. As the multiplication takes place more people are needed to teach in the School of Leaders. Therefore the School of Teachers, or 'T-Track', shows people how to teach the material and how to see the teaching applied to people's lives.


Then the leader is free to go on and plant many more cells. There is also a call for people who have grown their 144 disciples to go and plant cells and churches  overseas.


From all this you can see that this is not just another programme. The Discipleship Cell Explosion is the key to seeing thousands of people born again, discipled and  sent into the harvest fields of the world. Pray, take every opportunity to learn about and experience this strategy and start to implement it by climbing the ladder of success.