The Vision:


The vision is to win the lost, consolidate new believers, disciple potential leaders and send them into the harvest to establish God’s kingdom.


To fulfill this vision it will require finding new ways to mobilize God's people in each of these areas. However, the greatest requirement is to consistently listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Through this vision, we envision every person of every age or nationality to serve Christ faithfully and to fulfill his/her calling in the ministry. 




The G12 Vision was developed by Pastor César Castellanos of the International Charismatic Mission in Bogota, Colombia and was adopted by many churches worldwide including the Filipino Christian Church in Norfolk, VA and the Grace Alive Outreach Church in Chesterfield, VA. The G12 model facilitates the multiplication of cell groups, the training of new leaders and the discipleship of every member of the church. The aim of the model is that everybody is involved in reaching the lost through an open cell. The goal is for everybody to become a leader and run his/her own open cell. Everyone is ministered to and everyone is a minister.


The cell groups do not divide - instead they multiply. One by one people are led to Christ and become part of the cell. When the cell has grown to some size the multiplication takes place. Each person in the cell then starts to build a new cell. They continue to receive help, mentoring and encouragement from the original cell, but they also start their own cell. When all the members of the original cell have started their own new cell, the original cell becomes a group. The group is made up of leaders who have their own cells and meet for leadership training, to share about their progress, and for encouragement and support.