Spiritual preparation

Before the Encounter starts, the battle should have been won in the spiritual realm through spiritual warfare. This way, the cell member will surely have a remarkable encounter with God. The Encounter is much more than just a three-day retreat, in a setting away from the normal distractions of life. It should be a time in the life of the believer when he or she will look back to many times and remember their encounter with Jesus!


Meeting with God

In both the Old and New Testaments, the Bible shows men and women experiencing great, life changing encounters with the living God. Abraham had his before he began his journey to be a great nation (Genesis12) and Moses before he led the Israelites out of slavery (Exodus 3). Joshua had his before leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land  (Joshua 5:13-15) and Isaiah before becoming a prophet of the Most High (Isaiah 6:1-8). Jesus had his before starting his public ministry (Matthew 3:13-16, Luke 4:1a) and Paul after his conversion and before becoming the master of the theology of the New Testament (Acts 9:3-7).  One could find many other examples of the contemporary church leaders and their personal encounters with God, before they entered into the full ministry that God had prepared for them.


Total transformation

The aim of the Encounter is total transformation that will give birth to the character of Christ in the believer. We need a genuine Encounter with God in order to bring about a total transformation in our lives. It is also an Encounter with yourself, when you look inside your life to see the changes that God wants you to make. Finally, the Encounter will take you into the depth of the cell vision, making you reflect on the actual situation of the world and its desperate need of the Savior. Encounter deals with the following subjects and issues in depth:


  * Repentance
  * Forgiveness
  * Breaking of Curses
  * Deliverance
  * Inner Healing
  * Baptism with Water
  * Baptism with the Holy Spirit
  * The Vision


Another goal of the Encounter is for you to see the Lord face to face, so that you are released from everything that hinders you in your ministry. The vision regards everyone as a potential leader and the Encounter is a preparation for the training that takes place at the School of Leaders.


Encounters for all

Does this mean that the Encounters are only for new believers? No, they are for everybody. Often believers today have never been truly consolidated in their faith as experienced in the structure. This means many issues dealt with at the Encounter are still unresolved in their lives. Sadly, they carry pain, bondage and demonic curses for many years and still need to be set free in some areas of their lives.


In the G12 vision we are all called to lead others to Jesus, see them set free and disciple them into the image of Christ. In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul made it clear to Timothy that he should transmit and entrust, only the teaching and instructions that he learned from Paul, to reliable and faithful people. They in turn would then be competent and qualified to teach others. No one can teach and talk about what they have not experienced or received. They cannot see the spiritual world if their eyes have not been opened.


In a church transition into the G12 vision, it is essential that every member goes through the whole process, so they can effectively carry the G12 vision without any distortion. This is like taking up the spiritual DNA of the G12 vision and being ready to pass it on in the discipleship process. The Encounters are not just for your personal benefit. But the life changing, refreshing and empowering experience the Encounters give are in order for you to go out and impact the lives of others through the Vision.