To fulfill this vision, our church shall:


  • Encourage all members to be active in friendship and personal evangelism using every available means to reach out to people;
  • Endeavor to establish Bible Study Groups where people of all races, culture and ages feel welcome and encouraged to know more of God through the Holy Scriptures;
  • Provide discipleship training for all ages to prepare and equip our church members for ministry;
  • Adopt the G12 Vision and other proven tools and strategies for spiritual growth and spiritual revival of our church members.
  • Send out  newly-trained disciples to win souls for the kingdom of God and  to make new disciples of our Lord Jesus;
  • Make every effort to have the families of members be reached out by the Gospel, either by missionary works of our church or by local full Gospel churches; and,
  • Reach out the local and international community and extend a helping hand to  people who are in dire need of basic necessities, financial support and encouragement as the Lord enables the Church and the members