Who We Are

By the grace of God, this ministry started as a Bible Study group with two families as initial members in the middle of 1999. The Lord continues to bless it with new members and new leaders.


The ministry was incorporated in Virginia, USA in December 17, 2002 and had obtained a Federal registration as a non-profit, 501(C)(3) religious organization in October 10, 2004.


The main thrust of the ministry is both on individuals and the family which are the basic elements of the society. We, in the Jesus Reigns International believe that the more a person gets closer to God, the more he will be loving and considerate to others. Likewise in the family, the more the husband and the wife get closer to God, the more they love and be considerate towards each other. Their children will be blessed and will follow their examples. They will grow up filled with the love of their parents and of God. Hence, having been nurtured with love and the Word of God, these children will become God-fearing and God-loving young adults - the true assets of the society, the hope of our country.


Furthermore, to achieve our vision and mission, the primary goal of our ministry is to help our members experience and enjoy the fullness of God's blessings and be of great use as well in the Lord's ministry. God's plan for His children is summarized through the following: 1) God had created us for His glory and pleasure; that we should praise and worship Him in spirit and in truth; 2) God's will for us is to grow and mature in character and be like His Son, Jesus Christ; 3) God wants us to serve  His purpose  for  all humanity - to go and preach "the Good News" and make disciples of all nations.